Running an E-commerce business from a flexible office space

Often start up e-commerce businesses are small teams of people. If not just one person with a great idea working from home, a coffee shop or a flexible office space. Being at the beginning of a business journey can be all consuming so finding the right work environment that helps you work, thrive and grow is essential.

Flexible office spaces or coworking spaces are ideal as they offer a ready made network of people. Their wifi is safe and secure and they offer professional meeting rooms for client meetings. Whats more is most memberships come with free tea and coffee!

As consumers we do over 80% of our shopping online. That’s 4 out of every 5 people purchasing a product over the internet. As an ecommerce business, navigating your way through an ever evolving digital landscape can be challenging. Attracting new customers online whilst maintaining loyal customers requires flexibility and adaptability. 

In this blog we look at three ecommerce businesses based at MyWorkspot (a flexible office space in Maidenhead). We explore the highs and lows of running an e-commerce business but also why they use a flexible office space to run their business.

Green Swing

bamboo golf tees

Green Swing is an online only brand focused on providing innovative and sustainable products for golfers – primarily with their range of bamboo golf tees. Since starting in 2020, their offer has grown to include golf gloves, hats, on-course accessories and a range of golf gifts. With free delivery across the UK you can shop their range of golf products here

What are your top tips?

Once you have developed a product – think big! Work with the view of growing your business longer term by not taking shortcuts early on. If you are starting from scratch then you can learn many new skills along your journey. However be prepared to outsource some of them as you grow to free up time for further growth. 

What is your biggest challenge?

As an e-commerce business, the biggest challenge we currently face is advertising spend. Expenses are increasing yet returning fewer results. We have to be smart and come up with ways that we can spread our cost but still be present and visible online for new customers.

As a strategy we do not rely on a discounting model. Instead we try to offer increased value to our customers with free items added to orders and free delivery across the UK. We also believe in the value of our product and do not set over inflated margins from the outset so that the customers know that they are getting the best price and product all year round. 

What is it about being in a shared office space that has helped you grow your business?

We find it rewarding to operate part of the business (sales & marketing) from a shared office environment with like minded individuals. As a consumer led business it is always great if we want an opinion or are looking to share some ideas about our new product development. As an SME, operating in this way also helps to give structure to our day so that we are not working 24/7 and we can draw boundaries and better work to deadlines. 

Best product for Christmas?

At Green Swing our main focus is golf tees – specifically golf tees made from bamboo. We have a wide range of sizes, colours, and styles to suit all games  – making the switch from plastic easier than ever. All our products are all neatly packed within fully recyclable slide box packaging which also makes them great gifts for the golfer in your life. If it’s golf gifts you are after – check out our curated collection here

Innovatus Drinks

Innovatus Drinks is a premium spirits company, owning the trade marks to a wide range of valuable brand names.  Currently we have several gins, some ready to drink cocktails and a spiced rum on the market. 

What are your top tips?

Key to getting the e-commerce right, is a great website, which is easy to navigate and a great experience for consumers.

What does the run up to Christmas look like for you?

Christmas is always a great period for us in terms of corporate gifting. We also supply products to venues for their parties!  Our website is at its busiest November and December.  With the move in drinking to imbibing less, but better quality, we anticipate another busy year.

What is it about being in a shared office space that has helped you grow your business?

Having a flexible work space has been fantastic for us. It gives us space during chaotic packing days, to office based quieter days but still feeling part of a community of local businesses.

Best offers for Christmas?

We have a coupon code for all businesses and followers of MyWorkSpot.  Enter MYWORKSPOT5 at checkout for £5 off any of our 70cl bottles!

Seed Pantry

Neil Whitehead (Founder of Seed Pantry) wanted to grow veg on the first floor of his small flat in Shepherds Bush, London. Not knowing where to start, and dusty old garden centers lacking inspiration, he founded Seed Pantry to deliver everything needed to create your own food garden.

What are your top tips?

One of our biggest lessons was thinking the product had to be perfect at the day of launch. It doesnt/ Launch with a minimal viable product, go to market and get feedback. From there go get some investment to scale your product!

What does the run up to Christmas look like for you?

Christmas is our busiest time of the year. We sell yearly gift subscriptions but during the Christmas session our seed kits are our most popular products. That itself comes with its challenges of making sure our stock levels are just right for the season ahead. We tend to discount less during this period but we constantly have offers in Gardeners World where this month we were “Supplier of the month” (

What is it about being in a shared office space that has helped you grow your business?

Being in a flexible work space has been great for building relationships and networking. However, more importantly, having the flexibility to scale up our membership as our business grows has been instrumental in our success. The MyWorkspot model allows this flexibility with its different spaces it provides from hot desking, to fixed desks and private offices.

Best offers for Christmas?

Here is a discount code for all MyWorkspot followers and readers SPNOV23. Just click here to apply the discount to our products on our website.

If you’re an e-commerce business based in Maidenhead and looking to find out more about the shared office space that MyWorkspot can offer, then drop us an email to

MyWorkSpotUK 1200 627

16 November 2023

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