Top 5 Questions people ask about at a Coworking space

Coworking has grown in popularity over the last 10 years. Thanks to enabling technology, more flexible and mobile work practices and the rise of WeWork in particular bringing the industry into the spotlight; smaller independent coworking spaces are now popping up everywhere. With the upheaval from Covid-19 and people being ordered to work from home, local coworking spaces have seen a big increase in enquiries from people desperate to get out of their own four walls and find alternative work options close to home. This could be because of space and technology limitations, family distractions, or for many simply the ability to separate home and work life is a must for personal effectiveness.

If you are in this bracket of people or you are curious as to the ins and outs of a coworking space, below are the top 5 things people ask when looking around a coworking space:

What’s the cost?

Most spaces have their prices plastered over their website but to actually see what each membership option means, it’s always best to visit them and have a tour. Prices will vary depending on where it is located (in a city, town or an industrial park). It will also depend on what type of membership you require. Often spaces have a hot desking option (where you pay for what you use and drop in and out), or a fixed desk (your own permanent space shared with others) or an office. Most importantly coworking spaces allow real flexibility for members offering the option of PAYG or monthly memberships vs being tied into the restrictive 1 to 5 year terms of traditional leases.

Do you have meeting rooms?

In short, yes. Larger coworking spaces have a range of meeting rooms for you to choose from. Some will be decked out with the latest tech and conferencing facilities where others might just offer a whiteboard and flipchart but include free flow coffee. Always check in advance with the venue for your specific requirements. Many also have plenty of informal meeting areas or collaboration zones, where you can simply grab a coffee and sit down with colleagues or clients.

Is there parking?

This varies depending on where the coworking space is located. Often the coworking sites out of town or on a business park might be more inclined to offer parking as part of a membership, or on a first come first served basis. Some coworking spaces sell their parking spaces to their members on a PAYG, monthly or annual basis. 

But what if you don’t have a car and your local coworking space is out of town? Ask the community manager about whether the business park does a shuttle bus service to the local town/station or if there is a bike rack.

On the contrary coworking spaces set up in the middle of town will cater for more foot traffic, located nearer a station or local public transport routes and will offer no or limited car parking for their members on site, but will be able to direct them to a local public car park nearby.

Do you hold events?

The USP of many coworking spaces is the fact they run events for their members. Community is at the heart of everything they do as most customers become members due to the isolation of working alone, the need to have an office environment for those informal water cooler conversations, and to connect and network with like-minded people. 

Each coworking space will run their own version of community events from industry speaker events to informal pizza and beer sessions…. what’s more the majority of these events are free!

What’s the wifi like?

Any coworking space owner will tell you that without a strong and stable internet connection, they wouldn’t have a business. It’s one of the most important and expensive aspects of their business model that if it “goes down” at any point, it is a disaster. 

MyWorkspot in Maidenhead is a 15,000 sq ft facility housing over 90 businesses so during fit out they ensured a dedicated fibre line was connected to the building to provide secure and ultra fast broadband to all its members. 

Hot desk members can login to a guest login on a daily basis. Resident members have their own specific network and can use dedicated ports.

No matter what your requirements are for your business you are sure to find a coworking space that suits you. Their flexible approach and ability to bring people together, has been a popular choice amongst those navigating their way through this current climate.

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15 February 2021

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