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How to run a successful hybrid meeting

Hybrid meetings have become our new normal. They serve an essential part in todays workplace. Being able to connect your team virtually has many advantages but can also be difficult keeping the team engaged or dealing with potential technical issues.

That said, hybrid meetings are here to stay so heres an ultimate guide to making sure your virtual meeting stays on track!

Hybrid Meetings – how do they work?

Hybrid meetings are meetings where some participants are located in a physical location together, such as an office, while others join remotely using video conferencing software. This format allows for a mix of in-person and virtual participation, with a hope of facilitating collaboration amongst a team.

What are the benefits of hybrid meetings?

Better flexibility – offering employees the choice of attending a hybrid meeting remotely or face to face provides them with flexibility to their personal situation and increases work life balance.

Highly sustainable practice – by offering employees the choice to login remotely reduces carbon footprint by removing the need for people to travel to work unnecessarily

Greater attendance numbers – more choice of how to attend a meeting will offer a greater chance of attendance for those important meetings

Cost-effective communication – by cutting down the need for employees to travel to the office means that businesses benefit from less business expenditure due to travel costs.

More opportunities for creativity and innovation – getting a team together in a hybrid meeting allows everyone the opportunity to be part of the brainstorming or creative session

Our top tips on how to run a successful hybrid meeting

  1. Test the technology – test your tech in advance of the meeting. Most platforms will allow you to test your mic and video before the meeting. Get your attendees to do the same to eliminate any unnecessary glitches at the start of the meeting
  2. Chose a meeting platform – there are so many different platforms to use to run a hybrid meeting. The most common being Zoom, Google Meet and Teams. Find the best one that suits all attendees, ensuring they all know how to log into the chosen platform beforehand.
  3. Hybrid meeting rules – establish some simple rules and boundaries before the start of the meeting e.g. mics and cameras on!
  4. Create an agenda – Distribute an agenda ahead of the meeting. This allows for all attendees to prepare for conversation and think ahead about possible creative ideas.
  5. Stick to time – If you are putting a meeting in someones diary then make sure that you allow enough time to cover all the items. Having a meeting run over will allow employees to become disengaged
  6. Encourage participation – whether face to face or calling in make sure every person is allowed to speak and be heard. If planning activities make sure they are able to be done remotely as well as face to face

If you are looking for a meeting room to host a hybrid meeting in Maidenhead, we’ve got you covered. We have a range of meeting rooms across both our sites which can hold from 2-20 people. All our meeting rooms come with super fast WIFI, video conference facilities, whiteboard/flipchart and pens and unlimited tea and coffee.

You dont have to be a member of MyWorkspot to book a meeting room, you can book one instantly here.

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13 May 2024

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