Thank you ALL

At MyWorkSpot we have worked hard to create a fun and friendly environment for our members. It has been a long and flat-pack filled journey, but we are proud of the end result.

Personally, it has been one hell of a leap from a 9-5 world in IT and joining a family business. Numerous long days in a van collecting furniture, living off mobile internet whilst waiting for BT and of course, IKEA!

There are loads of people I want to thank. David covered the majority in his blog. I would like to add the various friends and family who have helped lift/shift/build all types of furniture. Maidenhead & Bray cricket club became my go to group and hide when I walk into the club these days. Thank you ALL!

Lastly and by no means least, a huge thank goes to my wife Sarah who has supported me through it all. She has been patient throughout, allowing long working hours and looking after our twins Murray & Paisley (They make a sneaky appearance below).

How to Celebrate?

What better way to celebrate our achievement than put together photos that show the evolution of the space. It also shows the fun we had and of course the end result.

There is only one way to see the space in all its splendor, and that is to come and visit, you can book a tour though the website.

The space has been created for small/medium business, frustrated commuters & freelancers in Maidenhead. The aim is to provide somewhere to work & network close to home. We hope you make good use of it and in turn it helps business in Maidenhead grow from strength to strength.

Feedback by emailing is always welcome

We look forward to seeing you soon.


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26 July 2017

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