URGENT pro-bono Web development support needed to help coronavirus fight with new ventilator device. – Please read and share
Hi everyone – we are reaching out to our wider MyWorkSpot Maidenhead network to ask for urgent support as one of our fantastic former members Dr Jon Harris is part of a British Engineering task force who have re-invented the iron lung with “Exovent” which aims to quickly make available in the UK on mass a new solution to support the ventilator needs in the country.
The support required will be to give immediate additional “horsepower” to the existing web and PR team who will be adding multiple materials for engineers and medics staff in the coming days.
If you re able to help or know someone who is, please contact directly jonharris@costa.co.uk
For further information
* Interim website about to go live http://www.exovent.info 
MyWorkSpotUK 1200 627

2 April 2020

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