Demand for flexible office space is on the rise and with more and more corporate employees being told to work from home, the reality of not being set up to work full time from a kitchen table suddenly becomes very apparent.

Quickly, flexible office spaces are becoming that go-to option for these people and in some cases even the companies themselves.

What companies are quickly realising after the largest work from home experiment the world has seen is that employees can work from home but many staff actually they would still like an office to use, just closer to home.

This represents a shift in the way companies require office space. Rather than one large building to fit all their employees in one location and each employee having a specified desk, more are planning to shift to smaller central offices which are not designed for every employee to be there everyday. However this approach does mean that many companies are finding that they need other more flexible real estate options to help their staff work optimally.

Take that a step further and what COVID-19 has highlighted is less want or need to commute long distances. Why would you now want to get on a train everyday for 1 or 2 hours to get to the office when that time could be better spent on you, or with your family. This brings about regional flexible office or coworking spaces for companies where they hire out desks for employees in different areas and their employees can book those desks.

How we’re using technology yo give flexible options for corporate employees or teams at MyWorkSpot

Book a desk via the MyWorkSpot App

Book a desk via the MyWorkSpot App

Here at MyWorkSpot, this is something we have seen in recent months and adapted to provide a “home hub” option for employees. They can either become a member directly and take out one of our flexible packages, OR we work with a company to create a solution for a group of employees. For example, a company might have 10 employees in this region but actually only need 5 desks because most of those employees are happy to work from home 2/3 days a week.

Using our coworking software Optix who develop the MyWorkSpot app, we are able to provide corporate teams with the ability to book desks instantly from their reserved group of desks. All members of the team can check availability via the APP and see what remains available on what days. This way, team members can schedule in their week either working from home or from the MyWorkSpot office in advance, making sure they are in a professional environment for that important call or meeting with other colleagues, rather than home.

This solution ensures the employee have access to the office desk or meeting room when they need it, while also controlling costs for the employer by ensuring a more efficient use of space based around employees preferred working patterns. .

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10 June 2020

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