Cyber security measures are like vaccinations, finding out you didn’t have any can be a painful process.

Small businesses don’t need to worry about cyber or digital security, not like rich banks or big corporations which are the targets, right? Sadly no, that’s wrong. Fraudsters are not Robin Hood referring to the title and they will happily target anyone, including you and your business if given half a chance. In an increasingly automated and digital world, the opportunities to attack can come quickly to hackers and crooks if not defended against. (N.B. according to my anti virus software, over 44,000 attempts to track my laptop from potentially malicious sources have been blocked since I bought it in September 2016).

On Wednesday 11th January, Maidenhead Coworking was visited by Jim Thompson, Director of Public Safety and National Security at Microsoft, who gave a run down of various aspects to consider to keep yourself and your business safe in a highly connected online world. Jim was informative and interesting offering plenty of eye opening statistics. However it was not all doom and gloom, the presentation was based around fascinating insights into the eight key transformational trends that Microsoft see in the coming years.

To download a copy of the slides ‘What’s Next? Industrial Revolution 4.0’ click here

As well the lead presentation on ‘What’s Next Industrial Revolution 4.0’; Jim also left us with a very informative presentation ‘Digital safety for families’. It goes without saying the importance of monitoring our kids activity online. This presentation gives useful tips for toddlers up to teenagers.

To download a copy of the slides ‘Digital safety for families’ click here

It was a great start to 2017 for our group and we look forward to going from strength to strength with you this year. Next #coworking day will be Wednesday 1 February at Maidenhead Rugby Club. Click here for more information – All are welcome.

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14 January 2017

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