Running on caffeine fumes, in the past few months, the MyWorkSpot team has learned how to build desks (lots of desks), negotiate long and boring legal documents, shout at BT, deal with dodgy electricity brokers, navigate around Reading’s Ikea like pros, shout at BT some more, manoeuvre heavy furniture up lifts, wifi and firewall design and much more – All to finally get MyWorkSpot Maidenhead at 2nd Floor, 85 King Street open.

Now suddenly we’ve been open two weeks already and what a two weeks it has been. But before looking ahead, quickly taking stock because we’ve come a long way in a short period of time and a few ‘thank you’s’ are a must.

There has been a lot of people who have helped MyWorkSpot get to be open – so thanks and certainly not limited to Rob, Ev, Sarah, Kellie, George, Wouter, all the guys from the Maidenhead Rugby club coworking days, Jai & JSL team, Doug and the London and Aberdeen team, Olu, Reena and the Chamber team, Jack R and the council, lots of advice from Tom, Melody and the NearDesk team, Matt from Bucks Biz… the list really does go on… [sorry whoever we have missed!]

So what’s coming up at MyWorkSpot?

There have been a lot of firsts in the these two weeks, we’ve had our first hotdeskers (Steve Wells was the very first through the door, so he takes the award) our first Fixed desk resident, George Blackwell, the finest bidwriter in all of Maidenhead (and possibly beyond), our first external meeting in the MyWorkSpot Garage (the Three marketing team) and just late this last week, our very first private office residents – Mark, Kieran and the Page, Hardy Harris Team.

We’ve had our first ‘lunch and learn’ since we moved to King Street and what a fantastic discussion around ‘Brand matters’ with Graeme Collins from Origin Design and marketing.

So what’s coming up – well more of the same, but actually much, much more. MyWorkSpot is more than just a fantastic office space to work in terms of looks, location and facilities (complete with indoor garden!) As our community of start-ups, freelancers, bigger businesses and commuters grow, we will ratchet up our events and other value add activities, because ultimately we want to provide our members with a thriving hub that will help them grow their business. Shortly to be added to diary will be our next ‘lunch n learn 27 July,’ a briefing on exercise and nutrition and of course the obligatory ‘launch party’ We are also working on a number of exciting collaborations, including with the fantastic Maidenhead Business Girls.

That’s enough of a pause as there’s lots more to do. If you haven’t been to visit yet, come on down to 2nd Floor, 85 King Street and take a look – no need to book, although you can book a personal tour here. If you have been before and already have your NearDesk card, then see you again very soon, we are here every day Mon-Fri! And of course, we welcome, questions, feedback and suggestions

David, Will, Kellie

MyWorkSpotUK 1200 627

16 July 2017

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