It was 1st July 2017 and after months of preparation we excitedly opened the doors of MyWorkSpot’s first office at King Street bringing the concept of flexible office space and coworking to Maidenhead.

At that time coworking was a “London thing” and for an awful lot of potential customers who were used to dealing with traditional leases and square feet; we had to explain the concept of flexible membership options, collaborative office space and how working alongside a group of like-minded others from a range of backgrounds and businesses could bring so much value and benefits above and beyond simply having a desk to sit at and a working internet.

Now 4 years on in these times of COVID recovery; flexible workspace and coworking are the words on everyone’s lips and required from local start-ups through to large international corporations. MyWorkSpot is buzzing and it is with our amazing members and companies that we are delighted on 1 July 2021 to get to share and celebrate our fourth anniversary in business.

Three takeaways from the first 4 years?

  1. Seeing MyWorkSpot member companies grow, hire new staff and doing business with each other has brought so much pleasure. We set out to create a business community and a people business and not simply a real estate broker.
  2. MyWorkSpot is a place where real friendships have been made as well as meaningful business connections
  3. Finally a little pat on the back for ourselves (the MyWorkSpot team). Starting any business is a risk, but 4 years on following an office move to Clyde House, a global pandemic and plenty of learnings in-between, we are still going and have big plans underway for future growth. Stayed tuned.

Thanks to all MyWorkSpot customers, friends and network for your continued support, and plenty of big plans underway for the future!

Enjoy a small selection of photos through the years…


MyWorkSpotUK 1200 627

25 June 2021

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