The coworkers who attended our session on Feb 22nd were lucky enough to hear from Sasha Krystal, founder of award winning creative agency Lionique London. Sasha came to speak to our friendly group about the importance of each step of building your brand.
The presentation was created to show us how building a brand IS rocket science, but by following these simple steps, this can be achieved by any business looking to grow and develop.

But How?

According to Sasha you need to begin with your brand values and brand profile, then look at your:
Customer Profile
Customer Values,

Once these steps are followed you need to analyse your competitors, before attempting your plans, goals and objectives. By following these steps you can begin to grow. Sasha takes us through the steps by using a house as a model.

You can download the slides via our resources section here

The presentation was very well received by the audience and you can enjoy it here complete with Sasha’s commentary (Including audience participation) now…

Click below then enter the following password to access the presentation: MyWorkSpot_Lionique

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30 March 2017

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