Despite the rapid rise in social media and alternative chat technologies; in 2016 email remained the most popular business channel for marketing communications. This is ahead of other traditional channels incl. outbound calls and direct mail.

So clearly still a must-use channel for many businesses; on 1 February MyWorkSpot invited email marketing specialist, Janine Hamilton, from Digital River to give our Maidenhead coworkers a run through the must-dos to use email effectively.

Janine Hamilton

Janine Hamilton from Digital River

Lessons learned included:

  • Single email campaigns don’t cut-it any more. With email automation tools now the norm; businesses must map out customer lifecycle journeys and create personalised ongoing communication plans to deepen existing relationships
  • Email provides the most data feedback of any marketing channel, but not all metrics are worth focusing on
  • Taking care of your data is crucial, or all your efforts crafting the perfect email may go to waste
  • Download the Presentation and watch video

    1. Download Janine’s presentation Email Marketing 101 for business (PDF)

    2. Click here to see the slides and listen to a supporting audio-cast of her presentation recorded live on the day. Password = coworking2017 (VIDEO)

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    13 February 2017

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