You’ve handed in your notice and told your boss to stuff it* now you’re free to go out into the world and become the next Richard Branson (or at least earn a living that fits around your family or lifestyle.).

It’s easy, right? Do some work, invoice people, watch the money flow in and eventually get around to finding an accountant at the end of the year. Sounds simple, but a million and one ‘businesses’ have tried this and failed.

On Wednesday 9th November, we were visited by Nicole Velho, a lean Startup consultant, founder of and creator of the PIVOT Accelerator (for early-stage entrepreneurs). The business planning process was lean and stripped back. (No flowcharts for getting the Feng Shui right for your work environment.) It’s a process that involves cutting out the non-essentials and getting the crucial elements of your business in place. Nicole’s plan takes 20 minutes which means you can continually re-assess on a regular basis and keep your enterprise on track. She’s been assisting ‘back to work’ mums through her ‘Supermum Startup’ business and due to its popularity is starting to work with Dads too.

If you weren’t at the coworking event at Maidenhead Rugby Club on 9 November, you will be able to access the presentation and also Nicole’s PIVOT canvas through our resources centre.

* Tip: try not to do this!

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9 November 2016

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