Five tips for working in a coworking space

As our way of working is changing, employees and employers are looking to adapt their life style. The work-life dynamic was shifting pre pandemic but thanks to covid-19 employers have leapt into the world of virtual working and for the majority they have realised that leasing large buildings to house their employees is not necessarily what the future holds.

Some people have been using shared office space for years and are almost part of the furniture. They have their specific desks, routines, ways of doing things which may be different to others and if you are new to this environment it can be a bit daunting so here are some unwritten rules and tips to get you started:

1. Invest in some Headphones

A simple way to show others you cant be disturbed is by using your headphones. It clearly shows you are concentrating and need to focus. Investing in some decent headphones will give a clear indication to others on how you intend to work. On the flip side, make sure you take them out when you’re done. Engaging in conversations with others will allow you some downtime and increase your network

 2. Utilise the quiet work areas

If you have back to back calls and cannot be disturbed then plan ahead and book a call pod or use quieter areas of the office. Be aware of others needing to communicate and network around you so take yourself out of the situation. Also bear in mind that if you have quality noise cancelling headphones (see point 1) then you might talk louder than you think while on conference calls!

3. Respect Peoples Boundaries

You will naturally be privy to someone’s private information if you are sat next to them. Try to avoid eaves dropping into their conversations or peering over their shoulder at that their computer screen. Likewise if you need to have a private or personal conversation, take it away from an open plan area.

4. Get involved

Many coworking spaces offer networking events where members can meet and socialise. It’s a great way to get to know other people and establish some firm connections with others.

5. Treat the office like its yours

Coworking facilities are popping up everywhere and one of the main attractions for their customers is the unique space, the home from home feel and the fresh inclusive atmosphere. With that comes its challenges, but if you get out what you put in. Avoid piling the sink with dishes if the dishwasher is right there, use 1 mug a day as opposed to grabbing a new one every time and use the space as if it were your own. By collaborating with fellow coworkers it makes for a more fluid and comfortable experience for all.

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31 March 2021

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