A well written press release carefully drafted and sent in a timely fashion pre-deadline to the local or trade rag. Possibly followed up with a boozy lunch with the target journalist to ensure he or she has all the information needed – job done for the PR professional?

Well not any more. If you add in ‘Social Media’ to the mix, described by some as the “great leveller” of our time for PR professionals and hacks alike – those cosy long lunches are becoming increasingly difficult to fit in. The PR world has been turned upside with more channels available for the public to consume content than ever before. Traditional news sources are now challenged by enthusiastic bloggers who have become key influencers with large followings, to corporates spending huge time and money creating their own content platforms.

News spreads quicker and more widespread than ever thanks to social media and this need for speed has in many cases surpassed the need for accuracy argued @AndyOliver International PR expert, who joined us for our coworking day at Maidenhead Rugby Club on 23 October. You only have to look at the recent BREXIT and U.S election campaigns to see how establishing an emotional connection with audiences through the right channels is a more important tool than simply relying on the ‘facts’.

But for businesses, social media as part of the modern PR mix has also driven much opportunity. We’ve seen significant new business successes in recent times. (Who had even heard of Joe Wicks the Body Coach 12 months ago?)

Oliver argues the key to success is to be obsessive. For all businesses, you’ve got to keep putting out a lot of content. You must be authentic, show personality, passion and energy.

If you couldn’t make the 23 October coworking day, then download the slides from our resource centre.

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21 October 2016

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