World Mental Health Day, observed on October 10th every year, is a global initiative dedicated to raising awareness about mental health issues and fostering open conversations about mental well-being. It’s a day when individuals, organisations, and communities come together to emphasise the importance of mental health in our lives. It serves as a reminder that mental health is just as important as physical health, and that seeking help and support is a sign of strength, not weakness. 

World Mental Health Day encourages us all to break the stigma surrounding mental health and promote a world where everyone can access the support and care they need to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

What do you do to strengthen your mental health at work?

Our team here at MyWorkspot have opened up about what tools / strategies they use to protect their mental health.

Will Ballantyne – Co-Founder & Director

In managing stress and anxiety, I have multiple things that help.

1. Family – spending time with my kids, they have such a simple view on life and problems, it’s a great way to get perspective very quickly whilst you are around them.

2. Sport – This is a major one for me, I play various sports and try to do this at least 3/4 times a week. I find this a great way to destress and turn my attention and focus to something other than work or any problems that I might face.

3. Friends – Getting out and spending time with friends is also very important. It might seem an everyday thing but you end up speaking about things to friends that ultimately helps or again, turns your attention away from any issues/problems helping me find perspective and potentially a solution.

David Johnston – Co-Founder & Director

Very simple, sports and exercise is very important to me. I exercise just about everyday and if I don’t (i have been told) I can get quite moody for those around me! I am currently training for my fifth marathon and I actually find running those miles a great way to keep the mind in good shape as well as the body.

Amie Tidy – MyWorkspot Community Host

I do many different things to protect my mental health; I regularly see a counselor to talk through any issues I’m having because sometimes sharing what is troubling me can feel like a weight off my shoulders.

I have also learnt to prioritise spending some time alone, doing the things I enjoy most, such as building lego, reading or going to the gym. Having little breaks to myself each day and doing something I enjoy makes me feel much better.

Emma Frankland – MyWorkspot Community Host

I get a monthly treatment of Reiki which really helps me.  Its an hour out of my day, to myself.  I always feel totally relaxed during the treatment and also great for a good few days afterwards.  It helps me to relax, wind down and also gives me energy when I lack energy. 

I also make a big point of seeing friends and family.  Human interaction for me is vital and always makes me happy along with giving me energy.  So making time for friends, family, that hour to myself once a month in Reiki, along with a blast at the gym as much as possible is great for my mental health.  My hobby is horse riding, I dont get to do it much, but whenever I do I feel great during and afterwards.

Rebecca Kistler – MyWorkspot Community Host

For me I struggle to speak about things when I am having a hard time. I tend to try and deal with them on my own so it has always been important to have an outlet.

I enjoy being creative. I find this helps me channel my feelings into something productive and it gives me a sense of achievement to which is always a boost..

I tend to do origami which helps reset the mind and focus on creating a little work of art. It’s also complex in itself to accomplish. This always makes me feel good afterwards. And as a bonus I can gift it to somebody else who might be having a bad day too so it’s a win win.

I find painting helps. It’s a good way to set your mind free and let your subconscious lead the way. So it can be emotionally liberating.

Walking in nature is also a good one. Just putting on your favourite tunes and getting lost in the music whilst appreciating the beauty around you.cIt’s a great way to remind yourself to appreciate what you have and thet time is a good healer. 

Lastly, if you have one spending time with your pet. It sounds silly but animals often have a soothing presence and will always offer unconditional love. Just playing with my parrot who is silly always makes me smile on a bad day. And he loves a good cuddle.You really can’t go wrong.

Cameron White – MyWorkspot Community Host

I protect my Mental health by turning any negative feelings or thoughts into something constructive or creative. The gym is an excellent place to let out stress and help release natural endorphins. I also like to have self care days where I prioritise myself first and focus on doing things I enjoy. 

Mark O’Donnell – MyWorkspot Numbers guy

Fortunately for me I am physically and mentally active every day of the week coaching football to children of all ages and abilities. As a result I am very aware that I benefit hugely from the adrenaline, fun and stimulation this brings to me on both a mental and physical level. 

I have to keep myself busy every day and I learnt that through having had a mini career break 10 years ago when I came back from living and working in Australia. I did find it a struggle mentally not being busy enough during that period and have not stopped being active professionally and personally since.

My tip would always be to take the opportunity to do something you are incredibly passionate about as much as you can. For me, getting to coach every day, working with other coaches and children who also love football, and being able to guide and support them as they develop and improve their own mental and physical skills is a responsibility and a privilege that I embrace and enjoy every day.

Bobby Abbi – MyWorkspot Sales

There’s a few things that help me when feeling overwhelmed:

  1. Gym – Nothing more satisfying than being in my own space with a quality playlist to help with focussing on myself through weights and cardio activity.
  2. Kids – Both my children play a key part of my daily life and routine. Supporting them in learning and developing I often find myself rewinding back to my childhood. I love to share my experiences with them and it gives me great satisfaction in spending quality time with them.
  3. DIY – Might be a strange one, but to gain focus when the chips are down – I love to do a DIY task in my home. This might be something small from putting up pictures, painting and decorating to doing some project planning for future projects in the home (currently have a new driveway lined up for later this month and will be redoing my downstairs cloakroom).
  4. Praying – Daily prayers is all part of my daily routine and a must before leaving the house (whether it’s 1 minute or half an hour), reflecting and praying for all my loved ones well being is essential for me. 

Kellie Johnston – MyWorkspot Marketing

If I am feeling overwhelmed I often revert to cleaning the house or going out for a walk to clear my head. The distraction is key for me to get some perspective and who doesn’t love a clean house!

I also enjoy all racket sports, particularly tennis and squash, and find this is the quickest and easiest way for me to de-stress. Simply being around people and hitting a ball, getting my heart rate up and feeling a sense of accomplishment is a great way to distract my mind.

I have had counselling in the past for health anxiety so am able to quickly learn when I am feeling anxious and through time, practice and a good support network I have found strategies to help me cope. Talking problems through with a friend has always helped me. The saying “a problem shared is a problem halved” is definitely true.

Sarah Ballantyne – MyWorkspot Head of Banter

I go to Crossfit Gym 5 times a week 

I read for at least 15 mins before bed every night 

I walk home from the school run every day with my headphones, that 15 minutes before work on my own is bliss! 

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9 October 2023

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