Is your website one of those must-do projects for your business that other than being there, you’re not quite sure of its purpose? Or maybe you know exactly what you want to get out of your digital marketing and website i.e. hot leads; but being a time-starved business owner, you’re not sure what to prioritise for success?

Most business owners are very aware of the well coined phrase ‘SEO’ (Search Engine optimisation) as well as the more recent in vogue buzzword ‘content marketing’. However not everyone is exactly sure which you should prioritise to drive those leads that you demand from your website.

Well it turns out that they can’t be placed into convenient separate ‘To Do’ buckets but modern SEO and strategically targeted web content are now intrinsically linked as part of the inbound marketing sales funnel according to Alex Embling, MD of the leading inbound marketing agency Strategic Internet Consulting. They are key tools to help turn those surfers looking for an answer to their business problems into highly engaged prospects ready to buy from your brand.

How you say? If you weren’t able to attend our coworking day at Maidenhead Rugby Club on Wednesday 23 November, then lucky for you can access a copy of Alex’s slides as well as listen to the full audio of his very informative presentation and member discussion. click here

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23 November 2016

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