We were delighted to recently open our second MyWorkSpot location in Maidenhead at York House. We thought it a great opportunity to explain in a bit more detail how we will operate across both sites and what that will mean for members.

It is very important to the MWS team that we continue to provide as many opportunities as possible for the MWS business community across all locations to connect. Clearly and understandably it will not be possible for existing residents and members of MyWorkSpot at Clyde House to automatically get full access rights for York House included in their Clyde House membership. 

With our full facilities at York House now open and available and new York House memberships fully launched, we thought it would be a good idea to reiterate what that means for site usage:

  1. ALL MWS members regardless of location or membership type can:

    Book meeting rooms or other facilities such as desks for the day at either York House or Clyde House via the MyWorkSpot App. (Tick ‘All workspaces’ on top left of the app to see)  These are chargeable in the normal way.

    Attend any MWS event which are open to all members, regardless of location
  2. Members with meeting room credits can:

    Use them to book meeting rooms at either York House or Clyde House

    Credits are not able to be used to book the ClubHouse event space, which can be hired for private events on a half day or full day basis only.
  3. Hot Desk members

    For those members who have purchased a York House Hot Desk Anytime or 10 Day Hybrid memberships, these can be used across both locations.

    Clyde House hot desk memberships can only be used at Clyde House – See memberships  https://myworkspotuk.com/membership/
  4. Parking

    Parking at York House is by license only. Therefore, there is no PAYG parking available at York House for hot desking or meeting rooms. The closest PAYG parking is Grove Road public car park which is 30 seconds walk.

We hope all that is clear. Any questions, please just grab a member of the MWS team, or send an email to info@myworkspotuk.com

Thank you for your continued support.

MyWorkSpotUK 1200 627

24 October 2022

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