With workplaces reopening and many people taking steps to return to the office and other places of work, we decided for our third business conversations Vodcast to host a discussion around the mental affects of COVID-19 lock-down and mental health awareness in the workplace in general.

Joining us for this conversation are MyWorkSpot Members Simon Worth  life and wellbeing coach https://www.catalystwellbeing.com/ and Daniel John creator of the https://www.youmeandanxiety.co.uk/ blog and podcast 

Fascinating conversation talking through 

  • The importance of communication and the role of employers to build an environment and culture of openness and trust in the workplace, where employees can bring their whole selves to work 
  • Flexible working practices which is a very prominent current topic driven by lock-down can also be vital tools to help people deal with anxiety issues and bad days
  • For those anxious about going back to work, that is OK and there are tools to help you

Take a listen.We’d to hear any feedback and do feel free to get in contact with Simon or Daniel on any of the topics raised

MyWorkSpotUK 1200 627

16 July 2020

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