Whilst there have been many lows from the current climate, there have definitely been some positives. By being on lockdown and initially only being allowed out for 1 hour a day for exercise forced a lot of people to really make the most of that hour.  Whether that was a walk, a run, a bike ride, you got out and you really appreciated it.

How many people can honestly say that before lockdown you spent an hour exercising everyday? Did you always take yourself away from your desk for a hour, did you really go to the gym after work?

Being told our restriction was to only exercise for 1 hour a day almost forced people to make healthier choices. The question is how can we continue this as we start to return to the “new normal” life?

It’s fair to say during this pandemic business owners and employees have been reflecting on how a different way of working remotely away from large central offices can be beneficial to them in the long run. Some businesses had never even considered allowing their staff to work remotely, but since being forced into the situation, they can now see the benefits for both their employees and the business.This doesn’t just apply to small businesses but massive companies like Twitter (who recently announced all staff can continue to work remotely ongoing). Whilst home working/remote working doesn’t necessarily apply to all business industries, those where it does apply are now fully capable to be able to continue this way of working for the foreseeable future. 

Another option away from your home and main office – coworking

Working remotely does not necessarily mean working from home either, which doesn’t suit everyone. With the future reopening of coworking spaces people could potentially have the best of both worlds, by “working closer to home”  where your “new normal” could consist of you running, cycling or walking to your nearest coworking facility most days and only heading into the large central office in London (or elsewhere) when you really need to. By booking a desk before you leave the house, taking a shower when you arrive, getting yourself set up for your Google Hangout (knowing the internet is secure and super fast), having a freshly brewed coffee and all within a few miles from your home. Never before has now it been a good time to see what’s near your home and how you can take advantage of the local cycle paths, walks or even public transport whilst driving your new health conscious self to work. 

MyWorkSpot Maidenhead – 2 day free pass offer

We are a flexible office and coworking hub based in Maidenhead Berkshire offering full-time, part-time and PAYG desk and private office memberships, as well as meeting rooms and event space. As well as local businesses based  full-time,  we have many corporate commuters who commute to London from Maidenhead, but live locally and come to MWS to work or have meetings as part of their weekly routine. We also act as a satellite office for some company teams whose head office is elsewhere, but want a regular base to work and meet close to home. Post COVID-19 we can also help with temporary desk or office solutions for individuals or teams. If you have more than one team member, or want to find out about solutions for corporate teams – read here how we can help

If you live in or close to Maidenhead, come and check us out. For those NEW to MWS, we are giving away two free day passes to come and try out what we think is a better way of working. 

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31 May 2020

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