Recent times has made us rethink how we can utilise our space here at MyWorkSpot in a more flexible manner and this has resulted in providing members with the ability to book office space by the day.

Who can book a private office?

Open to members and non-members. The scenario is this, you could be a business coach and have a requirement for private space for confidential conversations, but a meeting room in a coworking space is too large for your needs and in some cases cost-prohibitive at a daily rate. What you need is an office with a comfortable desk and chair, some soft seating with coffee table to perhaps meet a client face to face and access to wifi and refreshments.

Alternatively you want to bring a team together to work together for the day in a quiet, professional environment. At MyWorkSpot, we have a selection of offices that fit 3, 4 or 6 people that now offers exactly that. (For larger numbers,we can help but please get in contact

Bookable private office nu the day

Bookable private office. Book a desk.

How do I book a private office?:

  • MyWorkSpot Members can book resources through their portal or MyWorkSpot App in the normal way. (from £50-£99+VAT depending on office)
  • Non-Members – you can also check availability and book resources instantly online click here  – The cost for the small office (fits up to 3) is £60+VAT for the day, or larger offices 4 or 6 people plus at £110+VAT for the day.

What options are here if I want to book an office regularly?

We have recently launched a new range of Part-time Office + Hot Desk members that are deal for individuals or teams who want to reserve a private office at least once a week. Take a look at part-time private office membership.

For any more bespoke requirements, get in touch by email, or call 01628  613200

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8 March 2021

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