Why MyWorkSpot?

Why MyWorkSpot? - What is coworking

What is coworking

The way we work has changed. Driven by technology, increasing numbers of freelancers and start-up businesses in the UK, and larger businesses seeing the benefits of alternative workplace strategies and flexible working – More and more companies require workplace options that are outside of the traditional corporate office or home environment.

How MyWorkSpot help you?

MyWorkSpot offers you a flexible and inspiring office space in Maidenhead town centre, whether you need an occasional place to work, or a full time office base for your business.

As a growing business ourselves, we really understand what our resident businesses and members need and that is a workplace that is:

Inspiring – Enjoy a funky-fessional environment with multiple work options, quiet and collaboration areas that allow you and your team to thrive, and a base you are proud to bring your clients.

Flexible – We understand that people want value and flexibility on where and how they access workspace more than ever; the MWS Smartphone App enables members to book only what they need and membership packages that can scale or reduce depending on changing business needs.

Connecting – We bring people together into a digitally and physically connected local business community. More than just a workspace, our business education, networking and social events are legendary.

Close to home – We bring the office close to where you you live, so the time saved commuting is now time spent on yourself or your family.

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Is MyWorkSpot right for me?

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Many solopreneurs or freelancers once they get over the initial freedom to work from home in their pyjamas often begin to find loneliness and the lack of support network to help generate ideas, find new business and keep them motivated a real downside. Taking out their own office space due to cost and lack of contract flexibility is also a no-go, while frankly they should be spending their time finding new or servicing existing clients’ vs the operations of running an office.

  • "Funky-fessional" environment to work or meet clients
  • Virtual office membership options to help give your business a professional image
  • A ready-made support network and community to help you grow your business

Many entrepreneurs have ambitions to run their own office space, but requirements to keep costs low at the start-up phase and the need to keep focus on finding and developing business means that the time may not yet be right.

While for many established businesses with teams and no desire to massively scale up to 20+ staff why would they want to commit to long inflexible leases and managing their own an office, when they can concentrate on winning new business and looking after existing clients.

  • Inspiring, safe and productive environment to base your business and bring clients
  • Flexible membership and residency options allowing you scale or flex as your needs change
  • Access to a collaborative, like-minded business community where you will make meaningful connections

For many commuters in London or elsewhere, they are now not required to be in the office 9-5 Monday to Friday, with corporates seeing not only the cost-saving benefits of a flexible working solution, but a number of studies also highlighting the benefits of an increase in productivity as well as employee happiness through agile working arrangements.

  • A professional and secure environment to work outside of your home
  • Save on travel costs and time wasted commuting (Working close to home just one day a week would save you on average over 3 hours every week!)
  • Meeting rooms and space for offsite meetings, workshops and events

“I moved my office from Regus to MyWorkSpot as I wanted to benefit from the community feel that the MyWorkSpot team create. I haven’t been disappointed – we have a great café and hot desking space, a spacious office that even has a window (Regus users, you’ll understand!), various social and educational events. Highly recommend.”

Caryn Dunlop
Owner, Action Coach

“A great place to run a business. Even though the majority of our work is in central London, we maintain 4 desks at MWS so that we can have a base. Stops us feeling isolated. Clean, tidy, AC and coffee.”

Gareth Moore
Director, Cogworx

“Great environment – as a freelancer I find it crucial to have a space I can go to and get my head down to focus. The team who run MyWorkSpot are very friendly and capable, always on hand to help.”

Gregg Fradd

“Two main things for coming to MyWorkSpot 1. The environment – an engaging mix of different business from start-ups to well established, which provides a motivating and enjoyable environment to work in. 2. The interior – bright, light, windows on each side, makes it a place we happily want to work in each day.”

Helen Hoyle
Director, Eight Strategy

“Affinity Merchandise is located in MyWorkSpot offices. We chose this for a number of reasons: location to Paddington (should we need to go into London), flexible working space with breakout areas and meeting rooms. The office also has a real sense of community often engaging in social activities should we wish to – but it’s not obligatory! There are a range of businesses here from individual hot-deskers to larger businesses all who see the benefit of working in serviced offices. We’d recommend it highly.”

Kate Smart
Owner, Affinity Merchandise

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