Lunch & Learn: How to create a return for your business with video marketing

Lunch & Learn: How to create a return for your business with video marketing -

MyWorkSpot Maidenhead, 2nd Floor, 85 King Street, Maidenhead | View on map

11 Jan 2018, 1pm-2pm (Coworking open 8.30am-6pm)

Everybody loves watching a video. Indeed few of us can get by a full hour these days without being distracted by some form of video marketing on social media.

However when it comes your business, having the ability to produce a ‘nice’ video is the relatively easy part. There are 101 content production companies out there who can help you in that regard, or as technology continues to evolve, the ability to cost-effectively create your own video to a reasonable standard has become easier and easier. However if you haven’t properly determined your video marketing strategy and what you want achieve, then you may end up very disappointed if the response to the films you have lovingly crafted isn’t quite what you were looking for.

What is the session about?

We have invited Glyn Meredith Founder of Vydiyo to lead a lunch and Learn on setting your video marketing Strategy. Glyn is a pioneer in video marketing strategy and will focus the session around
1. Helping you set objectives and targets from video marketing for your business
2. How to make your video marketing activity stand out by creating value for your audience.

Who is this for?
This FREE session designed help MyWorkSpot members, but also business owners who want understand how to better use videos to help market their business.

– If you are a MyWorkSpot resident and NearDesk card holder, then just tap in as usual.
– If you are a visitor, then you will be very welcome. It would be appreciated if you could RSVP by RSVPing via Facebook | Meetup | or sending an email to so can prepare for numbers