Lunch and Learn “How to slash the length of your sales cycle”

Lunch and Learn “How to slash the length of your sales cycle” -

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19 Sep 2018, 13.00-14-00

Join our upcoming sales-focused workshop if:

    – You are fed up chasing prospects, clients even?

    – Frustrated that your people tell you “it’s in the pipeline” and then that pipeline gets longer and longer?

    – Furious that deals slip from one period to the next?
    – Annoyed by the number of proposals it needs to get one decent client?
    – Worried that the longer it takes for the client to make a decision the more likely it is they won’t do business, and yet often there is too much invested to let go?

If any of these look familiar, you are not alone! We welcome back to MyWorkSpot Paul Glynn from Sandler (Southern Counties) to lead our latest 60 minute lunch and Learn – Paul will take us through why these things happen to us. More importantly perhaps,  he suggests what we can do about them and how we can indeed “Smash the Sales Cycle”! This is a FREE workshop for MyWorkSpot members and local businesses who register for the event.


Paul Glyn Sandler Training

Paul Glyn – Sandler Training

Paul Glynn’s sales and buying experience spans over 30 years. He has sold financial and media products at Director level including with top names such as FT. It was whilst setting up on his own that he discovered the power of Sandler.
His clients are based in the South East and are ambitious business owners, primarily in IT, consultancy, manufacturing and the creative sectors, who are committed to growing their companies. He solves problems such as frustratingly long sales cycles, solutions being cynically shopped to the competition, anxiety caused by missing revenue targets and worry from not having found good salespeople. 

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