Wellness in the Office – Health and Nutrition seminar

Wellness in the Office – Health and Nutrition seminar -

MyWorkSpot Maidenhead, 2nd Floor, 85 King Street, SL61DU | View on map

2 Aug 2017, 1pm-2pm in the MyWorkSpot Garage meeting room

For many office workers health, nutrition and fitness often has to fit in when convenient around their work schedules. Unfortunately this can often lead to bad work habits, incl. nutrition, posture or lack of activity.

David Williams - Power of one fitness

David Williams – MD of PowerofOne Fitness & corporate wellness expert

Health and fitness Expert David Williams, MD of Power of One Fitness will lead a free seminar on WorkPlace Wellness and will identify 10 must-dos during every working day, that can help you boost your health, wellness and workplace productivity.

Who is this for?
This FREE seminar is designed help Maidenhead office workers, but also business owners who are keen to understand workplace wellness strategies, as well as some practical ideas to help them promote a healthier working environment.

– If you are a MyWorkSpot resident and NearDesk card holder, then just tap in as usual.
– If you own or work for a Maidenhead-based business then you will be very welcome. Please just RSVP.

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PowerofOne fitness – Exercise = medicine

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