60 Second Pitch in 60 Minutes – Lunch & Learn

60 Second Pitch in 60 Minutes – Lunch & Learn -

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7 Sep 2017, 1pm-2pm (Coworking open 8.30am-6pm)

60 Second Pitch in 60 Minutes: In this day and age of digital snap chatting, tinder swiping and scrolling if you can’t explain ‘FACE TO FACE’ what you’re about in a minute then you may miss the opportunity that’s right around every corner or right in front of you. Join our FREE 60 minute Lunch & Learn to work on that crucial 60 second ‘elevator pitch’

Stacia Keogh – StoryPreZ

About the speaker
Stacia Keogh, Director of StoryPreZ, is a Storyteller & Actor who facilitates workshops and speaks to professional business leaders, owners and their teams about the strategic use of story in business.
Stacia is passionate about uncovering the STORY behind the good idea, the business practice, the service, the product and help you tell YOU. Whether inspiring your Team, Standing Out to Clients or Introducing a New Practice, Idea or Innovation. The world is waiting to hear your story!!

Who is this for?
This FREE session designed help MyWorkSpot members, but also business owners who want to perfect their “elevator pitch” and create great opportunities when time is limited.

– If you are a MyWorkSpot resident and NearDesk card holder, then just tap in as usual.
– If you own or work for a Maidenhead-based business then you will be very welcome. Please just RSVP.

RSVP now via our Facebook page or MeetUp page, or email us on info@myworkspotuk.com