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How to join us - MyWorkSpot Partnering with NearDesk

MyWorkSpot Partnering with NearDesk

NearDeak is the "Oyster Card" for coworking and is MyWorkSpot's partner of choice for handling memberships and billing. You can also use NearDesk to tap in and out of over 250+ locations across the UK as well as MyWorkSpot, to become part of a much bigger coworking and meeting space network.

Ready to get started? Don't have a NearDesk card - Register now online

Visit to register for your NearDesk card and follow these simple steps

Register now


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Enter the referal code myworkspot4fh then complete all the remaining fields. This offer code provides the NearDesk card at a reduced price of £1+VAT (normally £20).

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Once complete, you will receive an email to verify your details and linking back to NearDesk

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You will be prompted to enter your bank account details. This is to pay for your NearDesk card. You can opt to get the card posted to your home, or to pick up at the MyWorkSpot reception

Please make sure you complete your profile, this will help introduce yourself and showcase your business to other MyWorkSpot coworkers, or at any other NearDesk location you choose to use.

Have a Card already? Choose your membership

Once registered to NearDesk, you will be able to subscribe to one of the available MyWorkSpot hotdesking memberships by following this link (Please remember to log-in to NearDesk to be able see the offers):

If you don’t subscribe to a MyWorkSpot hot-desking membership, don’t worry, you can still tap in at our MyWorkSpot reception desk to use the space and you'll simply be charged our most flexible ‘pay as you go’ tariff (currently £3.50 an hour).

Please remember, you will need to be signed in to NearDesk to subscribe to one of our memberships.

Still not sure? Come and see us and we'll sort it for you

Why not come and see us at 85 King Street, Maidenhead. You can either drop in or book at tour at a time convenient to you. We will then be able to take care of registration on your behalf.

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